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Patch v26 cs 1.6 no steam

This allows users to change the install path and the debug log folder will follow as long as they have not manually changed.
Toolbox.02.04 ( ) Important Notes This install replaces the old text console with a new much better tool.
Network Setup Wizard NSW fails on a psphd Crestron device in SystemBuilder Prodigy Connection Diagram cut off Add more specific instructions for keypads PMC3 (and other system types)- Instruction link for acquire dialog does not go to specific enough help topic Recall previous control system.Fixed an issue preventing EasyConfig/Discovery tool from connection to devices with SSL enabled.When an unknown character comes back as the start of a packet, we now neverwinter saga book 3 pdf flush the recieve buffers and the pipe and retry, this should help with recovery wehn unexpected data gets into the stream.Fixed several hangs during setup Fixed categories in Network tree for PT-amfmxm and PLX3 PLX3 remotes could disappear from the Network tree if they went to sleep and the processor was rebooted.Limit the number of managers.
Scripter Tool Load default address book in initial insert address dialog so through selection is populated.
Added Help button to Audio Manager Dialog and removed 'Missing' Column since it does not apply now.
Fixed debug log to include debug info from all parent/childeren all the way up/down the chain.
Toolbox.06.22 (8-10-2007) Modules affected: CmVptLib32.dll (1.06.22) Devices.
Apad - Added SetupMode, Console, RemoteConsole, and DevReset support.
Network Analyzer Added "Highlighted ID is shown on the right.
Added Full install Version info in About dialogs in Server and Toolbox.Fixed count of devices reported in the Network Device tree Corrected uninstall application Added downgrade warning for IM-RX.Dll Script Tool Meshnet Diagnostic Tool Bugs Fixed: CmVptLib32.dll Was attempting to get device model info even if device type was specified.Re-arranged menu items and added a few to match the buttons available.Core3 Xpanel Web support in the Web and Mobility Projects dialog.Program Tree Changed how XPanels are verified.Fixed menus to work when integrated with simpl.(Still available individually as well) Added warning when downgrading IM Control System firmware due to memory mapping changes.Added EAmMeshnetGW method and an implementation for ResetReboot.Dip instead of what IPT reports.IPTable for tpmc Table parsing was incorrect.Added the ability to cancel a PUF in progress.

Many fixes with cresnet master/slaves and Touch settable master/slaves to enable iLux slave operation and proper mnet operations.